Welcome to Mountains Connect, an online source of information about transboundary mountain governance.

Launched in the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development, Mountains Connect contributes to increasing awareness of the importance of transboundary collaboration for sustainable mountain development.

This webspace was launched ahead of the 2022 interregional Mountains Connect workshop in Vienna, Austria. Click on the image below to have a look:

The information on this site is organized along seven dimensions of mountain range governance (MRG) and eight mountain regions. The videos offer an overview of the respective governance dimension with insights from key actors around the world.

A special thanks to all the mountain experts for their invaluable contributions to the videos!

Video 1: Locating mountains in governance

Video 2: Crafting collaboration

Video 3: Policy integration

Video 4: Coordinating multiple levels of governance

Video 5: Including civil society

Video 6: Bringing science and policy together

Video 7: Funding sustainable mountain development

The pages dedicated to each mountain region present regional profiles, summaries of the governance dimensions appearing in the respective video, and links to additional resources.