Regional cooperation in transboundary mountain ranges has a long history. Over the course of the past three decades, a wide range of institutional arrangements and practices have emerged at the interface of a shared global mountain agenda and the particular regional opportunities and constraints of participating actors.

Regional mountain initiatives are also influenced by a historical context shaped by such factors as the rise and fall of international treaty making and the appearance of alternative forms of governance. While promoters of
regional mountain range governance (MRG) initiatives can draw on a rich variety of experiences, the paths to be forged must be the outcome of dialogue, negotiation and commitment of the concerned parties.

The Mountains Connect webpage offers insights on seven key dimensions – territoriality, institutional formality, sectoral integration, vertical coordination, civil society participation, science-policy interface, funding arrangements – and examples from mountain regions around the world. Please be welcomed to explore a separate video for each governance dimension as well as more detailed information on the featured mountain regions and additional resources for the interested reader.

Mountains Connect videos

  • Video #1: Locating mountains for governance (-> link)
  • Video #2: Crafting collaboration (-> link)
  • Video #3: Policy integration (-> link)
  • Video #4: Coordinating multiple levels of governance (-> link)
  • Video #5: Including civil society (-> link)
  • Video #6: Bringing science and policy together (-> link)
  • Video #7: Funding sustainable mountain development (-> link)


Resource collections

  • New publications (-> link)
  • Resources on mountains at (-> link)
  • Key publications and outputs on Sustainable Mountain Development that have been produced and/or supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and partners (-> link)


  • Mountain Research and Development (-> link)
  • Journal of Alpine Research / Revue de géographie alpine (-> link)
  • eco.mont (-> link)
  • Academic journals of interest to mountain researchers and practitioners (-> link)

Spatial data

  • GEO Mountains General Inventory (-> link)
  • World Environment Situation Room: Mountains (-> link)
  • USGS Global Mountain Explorer (-> link)